Free MP3 Download: “Native Flutes for Relaxation” Album

May 12, 2010 · 0 comments

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Get the free Amazon digital sampler, “Native Flutes for Relaxation.” The sampler includes all of the following tracts:

  1. Bliss (from Healing Flute Chakras)
  2. Sleep Memory (from Native Nocturnes)
  3. Civilizations Lost (from Flute Dreams)
  4. Summoning Winds (from Gathering of Shamen)
  5. Within the Lodge (from Visions & Healing)
  6. Spirit Rock (from Sante Fe Healings)
  7. Invoking Hawk’s Spirit (from Sun Chasers)
  8. Mystic Temple (from Flute Dreams)
  9. Santa Fe to Bombay (from Native Raga)
  10. Sacred Flutes (from Healing Flutes of the Andes)
  11. Deer Spirit Renewal (from Yoga Southwest)
  12. Empowerment at the Base (from Healing Flute Chakras)

I just downloaded this sampler and the songs are just beautiful.

MP3 downloads from play on any device, including iPods, Zune, and SanDisk Sansa; players fromCreative, Archos, Samsung, and Sony; and many more!

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